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Coelho P.

Manuscript Found in Accra (B)

Paperback. Pub Date :2014-01-16 Pages: 208 Language: English Publisher: Harper The incredible new novel from internationally bestselling author of The Alchemist.After lying undiscovered for over 700 years. a manuscript holding the answers to a city's final questions is unearthed from a cave in Cairo.Centuries before. on the eve of the invasion of Accra. the citizens gathered. A man stood before them and invited the people share their fears that he might offer hope and comfort.His extraordinary insights on courage. solitude . loyalty and loss were transcribed and passed on.A timeless and powerful exploration of personal growth. everyday wisdom and joy.
ISBN: 978-0-00-752061-9
год: 2014
форма выпуска: Мягкий / Полужесткий переплет
издательство: HarperCollins Publishers
язык текста: Английский
все книги издательства: HarperCollins Publishers
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