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Doyle A.C. ( Автор / Составитель )

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (HB)

Великолепное подарочное издание. Книга в суперобложке с трехсторонним золотым обрезом и с ляссе. "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" is perhaps the greatest collection of detective short stories ever written. It was these tales penned by Arthur Conan Doyle which first introduced the magical and eccentric character of Sherlock Holmes to the readers of "The Strand Magazine". In his consulting room at 22IB Baker Street, the master sleuth receives a stream of clients all presenting him with baffling and bizarre puzzles for him to solve. There is, for example, the man who is frightened for his life because of the arrival of an envelope containing orange pips; there is the terrified woman who is aware that her life is in danger and cannot explain the strange whistling sounds she hears in the night; and there is the girl whose fiance disappeared on his way to their wedding.
ISBN: 978-1-904633-35-8
год: 2004
форма выпуска: Твёрдый переплёт
издательство: CRW Publishing Ltd.
место издания: Лондон
язык текста: Английский
страниц: 376
цвет обложки: Тёмно-красный/каштановый  
серия: Collectors Library
формат: 100x155 мм
вес: 218 гр.
все книги издательства: CRW Publishing Ltd.
все книги серии: Collectors Library
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