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Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (film tie-in)

Lily is the daughter of a humble farmer, and to her family she is just another expensive mouth to Iced. Then the local matchmaker delivers startling news: if Lily`s feel are bound properly, they will be flawless. In nineteenth-century China, where a woman`s eligibility is judged by the shape and size of her feet, this is extraordinary good luck. Lily now has the power to make a good marriage and change the fortunes of her family. To prepare tor her new life, she must undergo the agonies of foot-binding, learn nu shu, the famed secret women`s writing, and make a very special friend, Snow Flower. But a bitter reversal of fortune is about to change everything.
ISBN: 978-1-4088-2268-5
год: 2011
страниц: 352
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